Cordless Phones

Welcome to, the site where, as our name suggests, you’ll discover just which cordless phone is right for you.

These days there’s a huge array of cordless phones to choose from, as they are far more convenient to have around the home compared to traditional wall phones. However, with this huge growth in choice has come a huge amount of confusion. Not to worry, we’re here to guide you through the process of choosing a phone.

Choosing a Cordless Phone

When choosing a cordless phone you have two options as your starting point. Here they are:

Our Top 10 List – here you’ll find the 10 best-selling cordless phones as of today. It’s the safety in numbers approach. These phones have excellent feedback which has led to more sales, a reinforcing trend. Buy one of these models and you’ll be in good hands.

Brands – alternatively you might want a cordless phone from a particular brand, similar to if you were buying a car. If that’s the case then this is the place for you. You can read all about the main brands, including our pick of the brands which is Siemens.

Key Features

Remember to look out for these key features when choosing your preferred phone:

  • Caller Display – you wouldn’t choose a mobile phone which didn’t have this, so make sure your home phone has it.
  • Answering Machine – you shouldn’t need a separate answering machine. Make sure that one is in-built.
  • Range of the Handset – the point of cordless phones is to give you freedom to walk around your house when chatting. Therefore don’t make the mistake of buying one with a range that isn’t sufficient for the size of your house.
  • Sound Quality – be aware that sound quality does vary and tends to be the downfall of many cheap phones.
  • Ringtone – the ringtone can be important to some people. If it is to you then choose a phone with many ringtones already programmed in.
  • Energy-Efficiency – not an essential feature to look out for but it’s always nice to know that you’re helping the environment and saving money at the same time.