Buying Guide

Before you go out and buy cordless phones there are five important things that you need to take into consideration. Take a look at these and you will be much better informed when it comes to making your new purchase.

1) Don’t worry about the number of phone points in your home

You will only need one phone point within your home, rather than one in every room that you wish to use a phone in. While it is possible to have up to 6 working cordless phone handsets using one base unit you will not have to have phone point for all of them. So if you are looking for a way to have flown in different rooms in your home without the wires this is the way to do it.

2) Improving the range of your phone

Many people who own cordless phones will complain that they have poor range, even if they have bought one that promises to have a range of up to 50 m indoors. To help to increase the range of your cordless phone it is possible to buy a booster (which is also called a repeater), which can double the range of your current cordless phone.

Here’s our guide on boosting the range of your phone.

3) There are many connectivity options

Today it is possible to add a wide range of different devices to your current cordless phone. For example you may require a headset so that you can talk hands-free. Right now there are several types of wireless headset that you can purchase as well as corded headsets that can easily be added to your cordless phone.

If you want to talk to people on your phone using SKYPE you can purchase a uConnect adapter which can help you to do this without any problems. Some cordless phones will also allow you to sync it with your Outlook account, you can also use them to download pictures, contacts and more.

If you choose a cordless phone that has Bluetooth connectivity you will be able to pair it with other Bluetooth devices and easily exchange data.

4) Look out for the standard phone features

Thanks to the advancements in phone technology the standard features that are on most cordless phone today are pretty impressive.

You can expect to see – call waiting (so you can see if someone is trying to contact you while you are on the phone), caller display (that will let you see who is calling you via the display before you answer the phone) and speaker phone (which is ideal if you want to have a conversation hands free).

Many people overlook where the speakerphone is on many of the cordless phones that are out there, but in the majority of cases it will be positioned on the reverse of the handset. You should be aware that the quality of the speakerphone on cheaper cordless phones will be much poorer than the quality on a more expensive model. So if you’re looking to use this kind of feature regular it makes sense to pay a little bit more to improve the quality.

5) You can add handsets to your current set up

If you have purchase a twin set cordless phone there might come a time when you want to add extra handsets. Thankfully this is really easy as most cordless phone models will allow you to add an extra one or two handsets to them at a later time. Just make sure that you purchase a handset that is compatible with the current cordless phone effect that you own and register it.

Registering new handsets will not take long and you will be able to use them within a few minutes of getting it home and setting it up.