Privacy Policy

Website Introduction

Anyone who accesses our website will have information collected in the form of ‘cookies’ which are used by websites to determine visitor behaviour, make changes to how a site runs and so on. This information will be used with care and you should be aware that we appreciate the trust that you put in us when using our website.

We know that your privacy is of paramount importance and we strive to ensure that we are always acting in your best interests. You should also understand the points below:

Policy Changes

We are able to change our privacy policy at any given time and we are not obliged to do this with any notice. However, we do not change this policy frequently, and if at any time we do, the details of these changes will be made clear on the website. From the time that these changes are posted they are classed as being in effect.

Other information

You will notice that other external websites are linked to ours and we do not control the content on them. You should understand that if you use these links and visit other sites they may not have the same policy regarding privacy as ours and your information may be collected and used by them.